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KnowboForm v1.6.5
Released on
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The Semi Automatic Web Site Submission Tool

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KnowboForm Semi Automatic Site Submitter

KnowboForm site submitter is a semi automatic web site submission and promotion tool with many interesting and useful features required to effectively manage web site submission, promotion and marketing activities of webmasters and small business owners.

KnowboForm Semi Automatic Site Submission and Promotion ToolKnowboForm v1.6.5 beta has been released on 21 February 2008. This version focuses on export and import of user's profile, site and submission data and passwords. This version has introduced the concept of project which is a group of submission profiles for a specific submission scope. Project is a time saver option for the submitter if many web sites are required to be submitted one after another to the same directory or site. Also using this version you will be able to quickly and easily add a new site to the KnowboForm database.

This version has the ability to capture the technical info about a particular form, which can't be fully populated by the default auto-fill logic. This will enable to auto-fill such unique form after saving these technical info.

Look and feel of the application has been enhanced. Password manager is made accessible from the tool bar. Some bugs of the earlier versions have been fixed up. Release notes of the earlier versions has been incorporated to the "readme.txt" file so that interested users can at a glance see the changes from version to version.

You can find more information on this and further development news in the blog. Version 1.6.5 beta is a must download for the KnowboForm beta users who are still using the earlier versions. Please register now if you are a new user.

Download KnowboForm Site SubmitterDownload KnowboForm v1.6.5 beta

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KnowboForm site submitter (beta) enables semi automatic free directory submission, free search engine submission, free press release submission, and free download submission*. The tool help you submit your site free of cost with ease and flexibility and yet maintain the quality of submission.

Using KnowboForm semi automatic site submission tool submit your sites, software, press releases and articles to thousands of general directories, niche directories, search engines, download sites, article sites and press release distribution networks. Site submission was never been easier before. KnowboForm is automatic yet it maintains quality of submission. Choices of sites are enormous. There are already more than 6,000 sites in its integrated database. Most importantly those sites are being carefully reviewed and maintained to keep up-to-date. The KnowboForm team spends countless hours to save yours.

Download and please send your feedback and be entitled to a FREE licensed copy of this labor saving site promotion and marketing tool built for webmasters and online businesses. KnowboForm helps you effectively promote your business with pleasure.

KnowboForm is available for download now. Please join the beta community and download free for evaluation and help create a better companion for webmasters. Please provide your feedback on and win a free licensed copy.

* Although more than 90% of KnowboForm's database contains sites that offer free submissions, there are some sites that may or may not allow free submissions. Because of it's dynamic nature web site that offers free submissions today may turn to paid-only site tomorrow.

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