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Dicom Unit Conversion Calculator

Dicom 4.0 Unit conversion calculator

Knowbotron Offers Free Download of Dicom Unit Conversion Calculator v4.0

Dicom is a programmable business, scientific and engineering calculator and unit conversion utility that allows instant computation at your windows desktop (98, 2000, XP). Dicom is the first ever unit aware calculator that deals with dimensions of physical quantities in mathematical expression.

30 mi./h.+6 ft./s.+15.24 m./s. to ft./s. = ? Dicom has the Answer.

Dicom's calculator like look and feel and user friendly interface makes it very easy to use as traditional calculator. However, Dicom is not just an ordinary calculator. It can be used for serious desktop computation in the fields of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, Statistics, Laboratory, and you name it. It can deal with 650 units of 90 physical quantities in 10 dimensions which is enough for an infinite possible conversions and still allows users to define even more quantities and units of measurement. But the beauty of Dicom is it's ability to evaluate all these units in dimensional expressions.

Dicom has 150+ powerful built-in functions of various disciplines including science, mathematics and finance. Dicom's unit converter makes the unit conversion task simplest as ever. And when an ordinary calculator allows you to perform just ad-hoc calculations, Dicom enables you to create and save rich text formatted documents along with all your computations.

Calculations, conversions, computations and documentations in one place - you never had before in a calculator like utility. Best of all is you can have all these powers at no cost. Dicom 4.0 is an absolute freeware.

Read more about Dicom version 4.0. Click here to see how it looks like.


Jump start calculating using Dicom unit conversion calculatorJump Start Using Dicom 4.0 Unit Conversion Calculator

Dicom is powerful but easy to learn and use, spend a few  minutes and you know it all (well almost). Click here for KnowboForm tutorials.

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